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"Our team is growing quickly and we needed a recruiting tool that can keep up. Hirely helps us manage applicants and make better hiring decisions while saving us a lot of time."

charles lee coderschool

Charles Lee, CEO Coderschool


Less chaos. No more wasted time. Better candidates.

Nothing is more vital for your company's success then hiring the right people. Especially if you're a small business. That's why a good hiring process matters.

Hirely simplifies your recruiting efforts and enables you to make better decisions.

No Flooded Inbox

Do you hate putting up job listings because you know that your inbox will be flooded with hundreds of emails? Thanks to Hirely that’s a thing of the past. Now you can manage the entire application process in-app.

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Clear Process

Hirely divides the hiring process into 3 stages: application, interview, and offer. Know at a glance where you're at in your recruiting efforts. Advance the best candidates to the next stage with a click of a button.

Intuitive Rating System

How often has the following happened to you: after reviewing a few applications you already forgot the details of the first ones. Thanks to our simple 5-star rating system you can make a quick judgement call and later revisit only the best applications instead of having to go through them all again.

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Hirely Main image

Take notes in-app

Stop wasting your time with clunky spreadsheets and switching between multiple apps trying to find the notes from your last interview. With Hirely your notes are right where you need them: in-app on the applicants profile.


$19 /month
Billed Annually
1 active job at a time
1 team member
Unlimited Applicants
$49 /month
Billed Annually
Up to 10 active jobs at a time
Up to 5 team members
Unlimited Applicants
$99 /month
Billed Annually
Unlimited active jobs
Unlimited team members
Unlimited Applicants

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